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Online MSc in Psychology
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Earning an Online Master of Science in Psychology can open doors to a number of exciting career paths as it provides a comprehensive background in psychological theories and their applications. With this degree, individuals can gain entry into work environments as varied as consulting with top corporate executives and counseling patients in medical facilities.

One of the questions on most prospective students’ minds is, “What is an Online MSc in Psychology?” At a basic level, this is a graduate degree that provides students with both academic and practical knowledge in the field of psychology. Students who pursue a master’s degree in psychology may be able to shape their curriculum plans according to their interests. Some common specializations include social and consumer psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, developmental psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology.

People choose to pursue an
Online MSc in Psychology for a number of reasons. There are a wide variety of in-demand jobs related to this discipline, and having a graduate degree can provide a notable advantage over the competition.
Online MSc in Psychology at The University of Liverpool
Online MSc in Psychology at Walden University
Enhance your career by understanding the complexities of the human mind and behaviour - even if you don’t have an academic background in psychology. The University of Liverpool’s online, British Psychological Society (BPS)1 accredited MSc in Psychology offers you the opportunity to develop essential understanding into the practical application of psychology that is essential knowledge for any...
Walden’s MS in Psychology program offers several specializations so you can focus your learning on your interests and goals. Be the voice that makes a difference. Apply themes and theories from your studies to create solutions to real-world problems that have a lasting impact on your community. Open to students of all undergraduate backgrounds, this program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific...
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Online MSc in Psychology at University of Phoenix
You'll explore that and more in the Master of Science in Psychology degree program. Through a grounding in general psychology, you'll learn skills for: enhancing the evaluation of human behavior and applying theory directly to the human experience; helping individuals and groups function more effectively; and understanding the impact of outside influences on interactions and motivations.
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Online MSc in Psychology at Aston University
This course is for you if you wish to take one of the UK's only Distance Learning MSc programmes in Health Psychology that have BPS accreditation. In the most recent accreditation the online and campus-based courses received commendations, including the reflective practice incorporated into the course, the online induction programme and the positive feedback from students. You will study a course that...
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Online MSc in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University
The importance of behavior as a factor in addressing social issues is becoming increasingly obvious. Radical transformations in globalization are having a discernible impact on the psychological well-being of individuals, communities and organizations worldwide. The accredited Master of Science in Psychology online degree program at Southern New Hampshire University prepares you to become an important...
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