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Online MSc in Information Technology
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Through Online Masters of Science in Information Technology students might gain the skills to develop and execute modern digital and traditional media campaigns. A masters in advertising and marketing program builds upon basic principles in marketing theory and consumer behavior. Students often examine real-world case studies to understand strategic media planning, digital marketing, branding and visual identity, account management, and more.
Online MSc in Information Technology at The University of Liverpool
Online MSc in Information Technology at Walden University
As a project manager who thinks in terms of time management, scheduling, and efficiency, you’ll recognise the advantage of a 100% online master’s programme that allows you to carry on working and being productive while you earn your degree. You’ll also appreciate the combination of flexibility and structure - with 24/7 classroom accessibility, a modular approach and clear deadlines that keep you...
Designed with input from IT industry leaders and employers, the online master’s in IT program offers core courses to help you develop essential programming, networking, and database management and development skills. After completing these core courses, you can then pursue one of five specializations that provide the advanced training required for senior positions in the in-demand fields of health...
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Online MSc in Information Technology at Franklin University
No ifs, ands or buts -- business depends on technology. Perhaps that explains the high demand for computer science leaders. With an 18 percent projected job growth rate, many organizations (from Fortune 500 companies to startups) need qualified computer science professionals to help them meet their software needs. These powerhouse organizations rely on prepared practitioners to deliver robust...
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Online MSc in Information Technology at University of Phoenix
For you, working in information technology isn't enough - you want to lead. Learn the critical-thinking, problem-solving and technical skills you’ll need - one six-week course at a time - through our MSc of Information Technology degree program. Taught by experienced IT professionals, it will prepare you for managing business systems, thinking critically about their function and design and, more importantly...
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Online MSc in Information Technology at Southern New Hamp. University
A Master of Science in Information Technology degree is a vital tool in today's competitive business environment. Organizations in every industry seek IT professionals who can think beyond traditional computer programming and basic technology expertise. Learn how to bridge the gaps between communications, IT and business management and increase your marketable skills with the MS in IT...
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