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Online Doctor of Education
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Earning an Online Doctorate in Education provides educators with specialized training that can benefit them in the classroom and beyond. There are a variety of career path possibilities for those who choose to enroll in an online doctorate in education program, all of which make use of the great strengths that make teachers such valuable members of society. Whether you dream of working in the public or private sector of education or business, a PhD or Ed.D. in education can provide you with the knowledge and qualifications to pursue advances your career.

Knowing the difference between the two degrees and their career goals will help you make the choice in deciding which path you want to pursue. While both are in the Education field, each has its own emphasis and employment possibilities.

For those desiring to remain in the classroom with students, earning a PhD in Education online would be appropriate. This degree emphasizes research for professors in university settings or educators of teachers. You could be taught how to perform research that will improve and expand your knowledge of your individual profession as well as the entire educational system.
Online Doctor of Education at The University of Liverpool
Online Doctor of Education at Walden University
The University of Liverpool’s online Doctorate in Education - Higher Education (EdD) focuses on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking in higher education, with an emphasis on universities. And because it is 100% online, you can continue working while you study. This online doctorate encourages a deep understanding of the role of universities as places of learning and as learning...
Benefit from NCATE accreditation, which assures that our institution meets rigorous standards set by the profession and members of the public. Receive critical doctoral support from beginning to end. In addition to our student support services, our Foundation course and Doctoral Intensive Support courses allow you to explore real-world case studies and examples of successful capstones. You will also practice...
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Online Doctor of Education at University of Phoenix
Education is the backbone of our society. The schools and systems within education, though, are incredibly complex and increasingly in need of advanced leaders who can manage and lead to success. As a Doctor of Education, you can set the tone for all of the working parts within a schooling institution, from classes to faculty members, all the way up to management and operations, and cause positive...
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Online Doctor of Education at Liberty University
Reach the pinnacle of your profession and impact the education field with Liberty University’s online Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) program. In our online Ed.D. degree, you’ll study education administration, curriculum development, learning theory, and the latest research to gain the advanced knowledge you need to positively influence the world of education. In addition, you’ll also conduct your own research...
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Online Doctor of Education at University of Arkansas
The Ed.D. provides professional preparation for students pursuing careers as principals, other building-level administrators and supervisors in public and private schools; superintendents and other central office personnel; federal and state governmental agency officials; and other educational leadership related professionals.
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Online Doctor of Education at Oakland University
Oakland City University’s (OCU) Ed.D. degree online program prepares educators to lead through the concept of organization renewal, which focuses on an organization’s common values, a clear vision and the pursuit of goals. With specialization options in three areas, graduates garner enhanced leadership and complex problem solving skills to benefit organizations, schools and the community.
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